The art of San Soo teaches you how to manipulate the skeletal structure
with less physical strength and effort

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At Kung-Fu San Soo LA we strive to be like a family. Twice a year after our belt promotions ceremonies the schools get together for lunch. In the summer we organize beach parties for the families which include volleyball, bodysurfing and a BBQ. We have annual Halloween parties for all the kids in all the classes. The students are encouraged to bring their friends to all our activities and many of our students and families have developed friendships outside the school.


We are active in our local communities as well. In some of our events we donate free lessons and uniforms for fundraising activities in our local schools. Both our locations perform demonstrations at schools, in the Beverly Hills Community and at shows throughout the Los Angeles area. Demonstrations are fun for all the students, whether they participate or not. For the students who choose to participate, it is a chance for them to show their Kung-fu skills to the public. Participating in demonstrations is another way to help the students build confidence. Working out on a stage in front of hundreds of spectators can be difficult at first, but over time nervousness is replaced with excitement and self-confidence. It is up to the individual student to decide if they want to participate, it is never a requirement.

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