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We have been teaching the art of Kung-Fu San Soo since 1980 to both adults and children. Our mission is to pass on the principles and foundation of the art the way that Grand master Woo taught it.


Kung-Fu San Soo is not a sport, but a fighting art which dates back to the early 1700's developed by the Chin family in Southern China. Jimmy H. Woo introduced the art of San Soo to the United States and is considered THE Grand Master in the art of Kung-Fu San Soo. San Soo is not a limiting art, in fact it is encouraged to expand yourself both in technique and psychologically in order to fully understand the art of San Soo.


The art of San Soo teaches you how to manipulate the skeletal structure and the muscular anatomy with less physical strength and effort but yet, causing more damage to the attacker. The concept is to disable your opponent as quickly as possible, in order to minimize any damage or harm to yourself, especially if there is more than one attacker. Students are taught to use their full body weight when striking an opponent. For example, a female that weighs 130 pounds will learn to strike using the full force of 130 pounds as opposed to just using the force of a regular punch or kick. Just imagine a punch or a kick that has the force of 130 pounds. That is why, with San Soo, the size and weight of the person is not important when it comes to defending oneself. The philosophy of the art of San Soo is to either win a confrontation at any cost, or avoid fighting altogether. The idea is to not give an attacker the chance to strike but instead stop him before he can do so. The main elements of a San Soo workout consists of two things: action and reaction. When training, one student will attack while the other will react as if each strike were real. Through this method a student can understand how a person will react when hit in a specific spot. This gives the student the advantage of knowing where to strike next based on the person's reaction. By practicing reactions it will teach the student how to minimize the impact of a surprise attack..

Each martial arts instructor uses their own personal experiences in life combined with the base learning they received by their instructors to teach the art. Because of this, every school is different in their approach to teaching the art of Kung-Fu San Soo. Our mission at Kung Fu San Soo LA is to influence and strengthen people's lives with the positive benefits of martial arts training. Our main goal is to empower the students in becoming well rounded, versatile, and open minded individuals. These traits help to empower students on the mat as well as in life.

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If you are interested in learning the art of San Soo or would like more information about the art then please feel free to contact us or just stop by one of the schools to observe a class in action. Anyone is welcomed to either location to watch a class in action and talk to the instructors. At Kung Fu San Soo LA we are dedicated to teaching the art of San Soo to adults, children, for women's self defense, kids with special needs, law enforcements and for anti-bullying purposes. We offer special classes for women's self defense and anti-bullying as well as private lessons. Each individual learns things in different ways and develops their own unique style. At Kung Fu San Soo LA we encourage individuals to reach their maximum physical, mental and spiritual potential. We allow our students to grow and develop their own personal power, discipline, and respect.