The art of San Soo teaches you how to manipulate the skeletal structure
with less physical strength and effort

woman's self defense



San Soo is ideal for women. It is an art that is based on physics and applied with an understanding of anatomy. We teach women how the skeletal frame articulates, where the weakness in the musculature is and knowledge of pressure points. All this ties together with the student learning how to strike or kick with a relaxed body and dropping their centerline. Dropping one's centerline is another way of saying that you are lowering your center of gravity. When you learn to do this you are then able to project the full power of your body to whatever vulnerable area of your attacker that is necessary. This is what makes San Soo perfect for women. If a female weighing 100lbs. is attacked by someone who weighs 250lbs. she has the potential to seriously injure her assailant. Size is irrelevant if she knows how to take her 100lbs. and hit strike zones like the eyes, throat, ribs, diaphragm, kidneys, groin, knees, shin, ankle or crown of the foot, to name a few targets. Women have certain advantages over men because of their size and bone structure. A larger person in most situations cannot move as quickly as a smaller person, male or female. An example of an advantage of the female skeletal frame is the way the rib cage moves. If a male is placed in a Full Nelson hold (a hold executed by standing behind the person and the assailant bringing his arms under their arms and clasping behind their neck) and attempts to extricate himself by lifting his arms straight up over the attackers head to drop out of the hold, he will fail. He will fail because the male rib cage holds a wider position at the top and allows the attacker to have a much stronger grip. If a woman raises her arms above her head, the rib cage becomes narrower at the top, so as she drops her weight to the ground the attacker cannot continue to hold her as she slips through his grip.


We also teach women the psychology of an attacker. It is important for the person being attacked to let the assailant think he is in control and that she is defenseless. With proper training she may appear defenseless but will actually be prepared for self-defense. We cover many techniques that can take the attacker off guard and allow the potential victim to escape or possibly injure or even kill her attacker if it becomes necessary.

A critical area of discussion in our classes for men and women is intuition. It is that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you think something is wrong. You can be walking to your car, in your front door or leaving work. Your subconscious picks up something that is so small that most of the time you would dismiss it or you might be too embarrassed to call for help. That alarm is real and is always right! We teach our students to pay attention when this occurs.


Our Women's Self-Defense classes can be implemented in many ways. We can arrange individual classes, or schedule small or large groups. These classes can be designed as six or up to ten week sessions.


They can be scheduled to meet once, twice or more per week depending on the needs of the individual or group. The key to learning any self-defense technique is repetition. The more times the student attends class and practices, the more it becomes a natural part of them much like walking. The optimum way to learn is by enrolling in the general classes at Kung-Fu San Soo LA. Through continuous training you will be able to take advantage of the most comprehensive program available for women.


Please call Kung-Fu San Soo LA for scheduling classes at 310 985-0354.